Hesitation Towards Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) are phenomenal, especially one like Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation. But, as you can imagine, not all elders feel this way when they first entertain the thought.

As someone caring for a loved one in this situation, you are faced with a quandary. On one hand, you may feel that an SNF is the ideal place to make sure all your loved one’s needs will be met. But on the other hand, you want to respect your loved one and avoid causing them distress.

Listen First Talk Second

The best way to get anywhere is by stopping to convince and starting to listen. Your loved one may have a valid objection that you hadn’t considered.

Additionally, your loved one may be scared of the change and their objections might be an expression of the fear. By listening to it, you may be giving them the opportunity to get in-touch with the fear and move past it.

Also, conceding for them may feel like an acceptance of being ‘very old,’ which they don’t identify with. You’ll only really know this if you give them the chance to speak about the subject. The talk/listen process may even be what it takes for them to feel understood and ready to give the SNF idea a shot.

So choose your words wisely, and better yet, listen wisely.

Are you dealing with a loved one who doesn’t want to go to a skilled nursing facility?

How do you handle the situation?

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