Reducing Medications Can Have Surprising Positive Benefits

Over four months ago, Elizabeth Carter and Leigh Purvis, researchers at AARP’s Pubic Policy Institute, released a study taking a look at the appropriate use and cost of the long-term prescribing dementia drugs.  They concluded by urging health care providers to “regularly assess patients and their drug regimens to ensure these regimens remain appropriate reflecting…

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Prescribing Dementia Drugs

AARP Puts the Spotlight on Prescribing of Dementia Drugs

  Seventy percent of elderly dementia patients prescribed dementia drugs are on them long-term despite the lack of evidence that they provide any benefit beyond one year, says a new report released by the AARP Public Policy Institute.  Reducing overuse of dementia drugs could result in substantial savings, estimating $20,000 per patient, for patients insurers.…

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