RIHCA Quality Innovation Award Reflects West View’s Continued Commitment to Positive Outcomes

By Hugh Hall, Administrator

West View Nursing and Rehabilitation was recently honored with the RIHCA Quality Innovation award, which recognizes centers who demonstrate a commitment to quality improvement, backed by examples of improved resident and/or staff outcomes. The well-deserved award reflects West View’s continued focus on excellence, exemplified through a number of operational initiatives that have led to impressive results.

Alternative Therapies

In 2005, West View began using massage therapy in the facility to address pain and relieve stress and anxiety. And it worked. Patients not only experienced a documented reduction in pain levels, but in PRN pain medication as well. Over the years, the massage therapy program has grown into the Alternative Comfort Therapy (ACT) program, which takes a team approach to care with CNAs, nurses, psychiatrist, massage therapist, Reiki therapists, activities director, chaplain and pharmacist. Through the program, residents benefit from massage, Reiki, and aroma and whirlpool therapy depending on their needs.

Workforce Development

To improve staff teamwork and patient safety, West View offered a 16-week leadership training program to all managers in 2016 and currently offers TEAM STEPPS to all staff in the facility. To strengthen its clinical teams, West View has active relationships with a large number of programs that utilize West View as a clinical training site, including URI, New England Institute of Technology, and the Community College of Rhode Island. As a clinical site, the facility also hosts adult CNA training programs. And it created a hospitality aide position utilizing students from many of these programs to perform non-CNA tasks. The facility has also demonstrated its commitment to staff advancement by offering tuition reimbursement for full-time staff, full tuition support to CCRI’s Nursing Program, and sponsorship of the advancement of over 15 CNAs to the higher paying position of Certified Medication Technician.

Worksite Wellness

With high engagement in its vibrant wellness program, West View has been recognized by the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce and Blue Cross Blue Shield as an Exemplary Wellness Worksite each year since 2011. In addition to offering nutrition, exercise and weight loss programs, West View’s wellness program extends a 25% reduction in health care costs to staff who have an annual physical and annual health risk assessment, and are either non-smokers or becoming non-smokers. 

On-Site Pharmacist

West View was one of the first facilities in the state to hire a staff pharmacist to enhance medication review and reconciliation, medication teaching with patients and families, and medication consultant with physicians. Since bringing a pharmacist on board, West View has realized reduced numbers of medications, a more effective formulary, and improved antibiotic use. Through a partnership with the URI College of Pharmacy, the pharmacist clinically precepts fifth year pharmacy students and accepts post-doctoral fellows for clinical assignment.



Quality Achievements

West View is proud of its long-time five-star rating thanks to an excellent survey record, including a 2017 deficiency-free Federal and State Certification Survey. It has also achieved outstanding results in its Resident and Family Satisfaction Surveys, and Staff Satisfaction Survey findings that significantly exceed state and national figures. To continue to achieve such high levels of performance, West View instituted a quality improvement process that empowers teams to work effectively to address any problems and effect positive results.

Technology Advancements

Through the staff’s leadership positions with many boards, advisory groups and committees focused on advancing the long term care profession, West View gains insights into new opportunities to enhance resident health. The facility has pioneered many of the latest developments, including Genesight. Under the Genesight program, West View performs genetic testing on its residents to determine the effectiveness of their medications on their care. The center is also studying the use of Beemer® technology on the treatment of decubitus ulcers.

Westview was also an early adopter and one of the first nursing homes in the State of Rhode Island to implement electronic medical records.

The RICHA Quality Innovation Award validates the efforts West View has undertaken to deliver the best possible outcomes for its residents and staff – and signals a tradition of excellence that will continue to shape the future of the facility in the years to come.


About West View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

West View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a 120-bed skilled nursing facility providing long-term care and rehabilitation services located in West Warwick, Rhode Island. At West View, our commitment is to treat every resident with the respect and dignity that he or she deserves, and to involve them and their family in the development and implementation of their care plan in order
to maximize positive results.


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