Celebrate Good Times C'mon!

Celebrate Good Times C’mon!

Posted by Jen Campbell

 “Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!” Most of us know this song from family gatherings or weddings.  It leaves us feeling happy and smiling.  National Nursing Home Week does the same thing for the nearly 1 million residents and caregivers in nursing and rehabilitation centers across the country.

National Nursing Home Week is celebrated across the country during the month of May.  May 14th-May 20th marks this special week for 2017.  This campaign, promoted by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) is designed to bring awareness and focus to those residing and working in skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers.  Each year has a theme and this year’s theme is “Spirit of America”.  This theme underscores the bond between staff, volunteers and residents that capture the American spirit.

So what happens during National Nursing Home Week?  Special events such as parties and entertainment are planned for each day.  Many times, everyone dresses up for the theme.  It becomes a week that is planned well in advance with the help of the Activities Staff to make memories for the residents.  It is a fun week, particularly when everyone gets involved.  Family and friends are encouraged to join in all the events so it becomes a way to bring everyone together.

Examples of on goings during the week can include Employee Appreciation Days where all staff is honored for the work they do for the residents each day; specially themed parties where there is food, drink, and entertainment for residents and family members; and evening social events for staff and residents to mingle together for a good time.

Why is this week so special?  Because nursing homes are wonderful places with wonderful people who live and work within its walls.  The hardworking caregivers alongside the diverse, kind, and amazing people that live there deserve to be recognized for their contribution to their center and community.  Whether a staff member or resident, it is felt that everyone is family and to celebrate that enriches the lives of everyone.

You can get involved and celebrate along with us!  Most of us know someone residing in or working in a nursing home.  Taking a moment during National Nursing Home Week is a perfect way to tell them that you care and appreciate the difference they are making in the lives of others.  It is not only the staff members that make the difference, but also the residents who touch the lives of one another and their caregivers alike.  So, what will you be doing May 14th- May 20th? 


West View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a week filled with enriching activities and events for residents, their families, and staff.  Everyone is encouraged to join the fun.  A full calendar of events can be found on their website at www.westviewnursing.com

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